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Who are Victoria secret models 2014

learn about Who are Victoria secret models 2014 imageIn the world where fashion is something without which you can’t live, the accent is also put on lingerie. Everybody knows the first association for lingerie – Victoria secret. This world-wide brand is firstly known for beautiful sexy underwear, but the fact is that Victoria Secret creates any kind of women’s wear and beauty accessorize. It has 1,003 stores and its income rises year after year.

Limited Brands

Limited Brands is its parent company. This lingerie brand is also well-known because of its angels. Some of these beautiful women became famous when they entered the world of Victoria Secret. Some of the most famous angels are Tyra Banks, Adriana Lima, Rebecca Romijn, Helena Christensen, Stephanie Seymour and Gisele Bundchen.


There are a couple of things that are not known about Victoria Secret industry: its founder jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge (Roy Raymond, who founded the company in 1977); it is named after Queen Victoria who is believed to be a very intriguing woman (we can just imagine how lingerie is linked to her. I believe it will remain a secret.); celebrity requests are regularly denied to model; angels are chosen on their appeal to women, not man (this is because the majority of the company are women).As you can see, being a Victoria’s Secret angel is a prestige because of the fame firstly.

Being famous as an angel

Who will be Victoria Secret models 2014? It is obvious that some of present angels will keep this flattery title. Being one of Victoria Secret models 2014 is not that easy. You should be tall enough to be recognizable as one of Victoria Secret models 2014. Then you need to be photogenic, special and well-shaped because wearing lingerie shows every fault and advantage of your body. This fashion industry encourages models all around the world to participate for becoming one of Victoria Secret models 2014 if they meet expected standards. It has been already said that celebrities are out of question to become Victoria secrets models 2014, so any girl in a world who has characteristics of a VS angel should apply for becoming one of Victoria Secret models 2014.